FRESHJUNKIE Fit Club 100 in 100

Fri January 1 - Mon January 10, 2022
How Does It Work?



The goal is to create sustainable and lasting changes in each of our lives by challenging ourselves to be active on a consistent basis throughout the year.  The idea started in January of 2020 and people really responded to the simple goal of "doing something each day".  For 2021, we wanted to give each of you the option to build on what was started last year and perhaps dangle some carrots out front to help us along.



The rules are simple: do something active that requires an increased heart rate and actual WORK everyday for a minimum of 20 minutes.  It can be a run, a bike ride, a swim, a strength workout, yoga class, a game of tennis, basketball, etc.  It can be a walk, a paddle board, kayak or a hike.  It's entirely up to you.  If you are asking "does this activity count?" then answer the question for yourself: are you going to sweat?  Is your heart rate going to be elevated?  Are you going to be tired or potentially sore afterwards?  Are you trying to just take an easy out and count pulling weeds in the garden?  You know the answers, this challenge is for you and up to you.

The challenge allows for busy schedules and tough days too.  You can "double up" on days by doing more than one workout.  The only requirement is that is has to be a SEPARATE workout.  A separate workout is at least an hour apart from your previous workout.  That's it.  "Does my bike/run brick workout count as two workouts?"  We won't split hairs with you if you ride your bike for an hour and then get off to run for 20 minutes, that can count as two work outs.  However, you can't go for a 40 minute run and count it as two workouts.  You also can't count more than two workouts in a day.  The idea is being consistent, not just cramming it all in over the weekend.  20 minutes a day.  You can do that.  If you miss a day or two, make a plan and get them back.



You can upload your progress right here on the RunSignUp site.  Log what type of workout you did, the time and distance (if applicable).  Easy peasy.  We are going to track the number of workouts our participants accomplish as well as the total miles our group runs, rides, swims, walks, etc.

We also have a downloadable and printable tracker at the bottom of this page that you can hang up and mark the days off as you go.  In order to "qualify" for your SWAG at the end of the challenge you MUST upload your workouts here on the website.



You can sign up for any of challenges at any time starting now.  Registration is open for each challenge according the schedule below.  Also included in the schedule are the dates that workouts can count for each challenge.  Only workouts completed within that challenges workout date range count for that challenge.  You can start uploading your workouts on the first day of each challenge and we give you some extra days after the challenge to make sure your workouts get uploaded.

If you register for the 365 in 365 you will be automatically entered into the four challenges and you save $100!







Click the icon below to download the attached PDF.


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