FRESHJUNKIE Racing is a brand committed to healthy living. We are a brand of dreamers and doers, of believers, achievers and go-getters; FRESHJUNKIE Racing is more than a company name, it’s our motto.

As a race production company we harness the essence of that motto. We focus on the small details of a race as well as the big picture to ensure that the athletes and spectators have a great experience that’s fun, memorable and worth coming back for year after year.  We want to inspire people to be the healthiest and happiest versions of themselves and we believer physical activity is an important component of that.

In addition to putting on races, we also offer coaching to endurance athletes. From your first 5K to crossing the finish line of your first Ironman and every goal in between we can help you get there and have fun while doing it.

We work hard, train hard, & race hard and never lose focus on our WHY – the reason we started doing this to begin with – because we love it.